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Ms. Reia's Summer Camps - Expand your child's (and your own) Musical Experience!  
  • Short sessions on the Lives and Music of the Great Composers.
  • Each class can be taken privately or in a group.  
  • Each class is tailored for different age groups.
  • Adult classes available also.

Choose from the following classes:

  "Bach and the Boys" - we'll explore the lives and music of Bach, Mozart and Beethoven.

  "Meet the Composers" - Do you know who these composers are - what they wrote?  After this class - you will!  We'll get acquainted with different composers, their works, what life was like for them.  Have fun getting to know them through history, art, listening and discussing their music.  Do you see four of the same faces/people on each of the two photos?



  "Who Let the Notes Out?" - Have you ever watched a commercial or TV show and recognized a tune but didn't know what it was or who wrote it?  We'll explore various media and find out "Who Let the Notes Out".  Do you know what classical piece of music is playing in the background of this Subway commercial & who wrote the piece?  You'll know this answer and many others after this class. 

  "Evolution of Music" - do you know the 5 eras of Music?  There are 6 eras if you count the one we're in now - Modern.  We'll learn about music from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras plus some from the Modern era.  We'll explore what was going on in history, in the art/literature world as well as the musical world. 

PLUS - always available...

  Private Instruction Piano Lessons - 30 minute lessons weekly, 60 minute lessons (when in town, twice a month, etc.) even 2 hour lessons (once a month, etc.)



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