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About Us...

I love my Southern Heritage!  I love Dogwood trees, Azaleas, Spanish Moss draped in large trees, the fact that people say "Yes, ma'am" and "Yes, sir" and that you can order grits at almost any restaurant.

Between us we have 5 children and several grandchildren.  They live in Wisconsin, Illinois and Virginia.  We're very blessed.

We've lived in Nashville, Tennessee ~ Dyersburg, Tennessee ~ Hopkinsville, Kentucky and Northern Virginia.

We now live in the Savannah, Georgia area where our "Empty Nest" interests are varied.  They include Gardening, Reading, Quilting, Food (Healthy and Decadent), DIY, Carpentry (that would be Bill - I get to enjoy his creations), Entertainment, Frugality...the list goes on.

As for how I spend my days - I'm the Music Director for an amazing congregation of wonderful people.  I also teach piano, music theory and music history to some incredible students.

Life is good!

As for Bill, he was raised in the Midwest (Rock Island, IL and Wisconsin).

He has memories of living on a farm, in a city and on a beautiful lake.

He traveled south to Nashville, Tennessee where we met years ago.  

He claims that he started traveling with a snow shovel and stopped when someone asked him what it was.

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